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Notice on the Organizing and Visit of the 20th Anniversary of the University‘s Undergraduate
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This year is the twentieth anniversary of the college's undergraduate education. In order to further strengthen the education of the school’s situation and history, have an in-depth understanding of the school running course, the running idea of running the school, and the running fruits of running the school, we organize and carry out the activities of the twentieth anniversary of the undergraduate education of the college,combining with the "Don't forget the original intention, and keep in mind the mission" subject education.

Notice of specific matters is as follows:

First:visit time

11.1-11.30(not including Saturday and Sunday)

8.30am- 16.30pm

Second: visit content

1.visit achievement exhibition of the twentieth anniversary of undergraduate education of the college

2. Watch the advertising video of the twentieth anniversary of the undergraduate education and the local service publicity.

3. Visit the exhibition hall of the alumni of Zhijiang College

4. visit the service hotline of the Zhijiang Cloud 1890.

Third: visit form

The visit organized in the form of the general branch of the party (directly under the branch) or the branch of the party, shall call the Zhijiang Cloud 1890 hotline to make an appointment one day in advance.

Contact number: 81111890

contact: Zhang Yiping.

Fourth:Other matters

1. In order to better understand the contents of the visit, the key points of the 20 th Anniversary Exhibition of undergraduate Education will be distributed before the visit, with one per person.

2.Please do a good job of photography during the visit, and make a good publicity report.

3.The general branch of the Party(directly under the Party branch)shall attach great importance to the visit, organize the visit carefully and regard the organization to visit the achievement exhibition as an important learning content of the theme education on the theme of Don't  forget the original intention,and keep in mind the mission'' and strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission of teachers and students.