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Notice on organizing and applying for the third batch of core curriculum construction projects of the college
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In order to further improve the quality of applied talent training, set up the educational concept and quality view of output-oriented talent training in an all-round way, and construct a high-quality curriculum system, the college decided to start the declaration of the third batch of core curriculum construction projects. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Reporting conditions

The curriculum construction project should be declared in the form of teaching team. In principle, the person in charge of the course should have senior professional title, high academic attainments, rich teaching experience, strong practical ability and enthusiastic teaching; the structure of the course teaching team is reasonable, has strong teaching research and reform ability, encourages the establishment of school-enterprise cooperative teaching team, teaching resources construction, classroom teaching reform and so on have a certain foundation.


II. Project types and construction requirements

The core curriculum construction projects of the college are divided into three categories: general education core curriculum, professional basic core curriculum and professional core curriculum. Among them, the core courses of general education are divided into general core compulsory courses and general core elective courses, and innovative and entrepreneurial courses are encouraged to declare. The specific construction requirements are as follows:

1. Develop the standard of curriculum standards. Develop detailed curriculum quality standards, and make clear the role of the course on the training objectives and the requirements of the students' abilities, and provide guidance and basis for the better conduct of teaching activities and teaching evaluation.

2.  To build a teaching team, to build an excellent part-time teaching team with a rich spirit of cooperation, a still-centered teaching, a reasonable structure and a relative stability, and to establish a regular teaching research and group discussion and exchange system, to promote the improvement of the teaching ability of the teachers, and to carry out a number of teaching demonstration in and out of the hospital every year, leading to the promotion of the experience of the course construction and the teaching reform.

3. To optimize the teaching content, to update and optimize the course syllabus, the teaching plan and the teaching content, to ensure the support of the core course on the professional training objectives and the graduation requirements, to optimize the connection and contact between the courses (knowledge units) in the course (group), and to effectively reduce the repetition and the leakage between the course contents of the course.

4. The teaching resources of the course are to be built. The teaching resources of the course network shall be constructed to realize the Internet of course resources such as the course syllabus, the teacher's teaching courseware, the problem library, the test question bank, the teacher's micro-course video and so on. The online test question bank and the test platform shall be established for the students on-line learning and autonomous learning, so as to realize the sharing of high-quality teaching resources; and the SPOC teaching practice is carried out in the course center of the college, and the operation effect is good, and the SPOC or MOOC teaching practice can be further carried out on the online course teaching platform of the outside of the hospital.

5. Innovate the classroom teaching mode. Make full use of the high quality online open course resources inside and outside the hospital, introduce a variety of teaching methods, such as task-driven, project-oriented, problem teaching, case teaching and so on, carry out the mixed teaching of "one course, two teachers" and the combination of online and offline, so as to guide students to carry out autonomous, exploratory and cooperative learning.

6. Reform the curriculum evaluation system. To establish a scientific and reasonable evaluation system for students' academic achievement, curriculum assessment pays attention to the cultivation of students' ability and quality, highlights the examination mode of combining process evaluation with final evaluation, and pays attention to the assessment of students' learning attitude, classroom discussion, autonomous learning, homework completion, and the ability to solve practical problems.

7. Construction of excellent teaching materials. In principle, the core curriculum should choose the newly compiled national excellent teaching materials and plan the teaching materials. At the same time, teachers should also be encouraged to compile high-level teaching materials that meet the teaching requirements, reflect the results of teaching reform, and have the characteristics of our school.

According to the characteristics of major and curriculum, each secondary college (department) should formulate the core curriculum construction plan of secondary college (department) on the basis of construction requirements.


III. Application Procedure

 1. Review and set up the project. The Institute of the lot is to set up a core course construction project of about 35 doors, among which 3-5 of the core courses, the professional foundation and the professional core course take priority from the three-star or higher professional or provincial and municipal advantages (key) of the college, and in principle no more than one door is required for each specialty. The provincial dominant feature (key) is professional, and the high-grade professional of the college can declare 2 doors.

The second-class college (department) shall be submitted to the teaching department for organizational evaluation and ranking, and the educational department shall organize the evaluation of experts inside and outside the school, and the project shall be established after the examination and approval of the college. Excellent courses at all levels, excellent curriculum declaration priority in the core curriculum construction projects to select and recommend. After the establishment of the core curriculum construction project, the college will give funding for the construction.

2. Material requirements The teaching team of the core course construction project will fill in the declaration form in accordance with the requirements of the application (Attachment 2, in which it is required to provide the same course syllabus for the course syllabus and 3 high-level application-oriented universities) and make an application to the secondary school (department) in which it is located; The recommended items shall be sorted by the two-level college (department) before December 9, and the summary table (Attachment 3) shall be filled in to the Department of Education (the above materials are paper and electronic one).

3. The construction cycle of the core course of project management is two years. Every year, the college will carry out mid-term inspection of the project courses, which shall be organized and implemented by the education department, the teaching quality supervision and control department and the secondary college (department). Those who are not qualified will stop funding, and those who are still unqualified after one semester of rectification shall cancel their courses. After the expiration of the two-year construction, the second-level college (department) shall make a comprehensive summary of the project, submit the closing report, and organize the acceptance of the college.

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