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Center for Faculty Teaching Development held a lecture on "First-rate Curriculum Construction"
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Recently, the Center for Faculty Teaching Development of the College held a special lecture on "First-rate Curriculum Construction", with the theme of "First-Class Curriculum Construction and Exploration", delivered by Professor Wu Bei, the Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Zhejiang Gongshang University. More than 30 full-time teachers from various secondary colleges (departments) attended the lecture officiated by the head of the Center for Faculty Teaching Development.

In the lecture, Wu Bei systematically interpreted and analyzed the question of "how to operate a first-rate curriculum". First, Wu Bei made a interpretation over the policy of the " Guiding Opinions on the Construction of First-rate Undergraduate Curriculum" issued by the Ministry of Education, and focused on the construction principles and requirements of online first-rate courses and online-offline mixed first-rate courses. Then, she explained the basic standards, the scope and procedures, the declaration and preparation of supporting materials in detail over the two types of curriculum construction. Wu Bei also analyzed the commonality and personality of different first-rate courses based on many excellent first-class courses. She believed that the first-class courses must be localized, differentiated, and personalized in order to be more suitable for the school students, and at the same time it is easy to find the positioning of the courses and emphasize the highlights and characteristics. The focus of the whole lecture was outstanding, and the explanation was in-depth. In particular, the lecture was full of real stuffs. The teachers present listened carefully, nodded from time to time, and interacted well.

After the lecture, Wu Bei had an extensive exchange with the teachers present. Regarding the puzzles raised by the teachers about the course construction, Wu Bei answered them one by one, and encouraged the teachers present to improve their teaching skills with the construction standards of first-rate courses, tap their own advantages, make special features, and benefit the students as well as themselves. Teachers expressed that they were deeply inspired and clarified the direction of further curriculum construction.