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Notice of Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology on Recruitment and Direct Recruitment of Non-commissioned Officers in 2020
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In order to carry out Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and Xi Jinping's thought of strengthening the army, and in accordance with the spirit of "guiding opinions on strengthening and improving the recruitment work in the new era" and "notice on further strengthening and improving the recruitment work in colleges and universities ", we will conscientiously do a good job in the recruitment of college students into the army.The matter is hereby notified as follows:

I. Object collection

Compulsory soldiers for full-time ordinary students in school, direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers for full-time, past graduates, priority to recruit new graduates, male, unmarried, within the age of 24 years (born after 1 January 1996), the major in line with the 2020 direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers professional scope. (See annex 1)

II. Solicitation time

Due to the epidemic situation, the state adjusted the conscription work this year and delayed the first half of the conscription work. The recruitment process for the first half of 2020 will be postponed to the second half of the year, and the recruitment time will be adjusted to start on August 1, start on September 10 and end on September 30. The time when new recruits are authorized to enlist and the starting time of military age is unified to September 1,2020.

Male soldiers need to complete military service registration before registration, in previous years have participated in military service registration, can log on to the national recruitment network to verify personal information and no longer need to register for military service, female soldiers do not need to register for military service.

The application time for young men is from April 1 to August 15, 2020, and the application for the first half of the year has been automatically transferred to the second half of the year.

The registration time for young women is from June 26,2020 to August 15,2020. For those who have completed the first half of the year (except for young women who have graduated from university in 2019 at the age of 23 years), other applicants are automatically transferred to the second half of the year.

III. Conditions For Solicitation

1. Age Requirement

(1). Male :18 to 22 years of age in the school, undergraduate and above graduates relaxed to 24 years of age.

(2). Female: Students and fresh graduates aged 18 to 22.

Calculation of age: age = year of conscription - year of birth.

2. Physical Condition

Male: height requirement is above 160 cm, weight is not more than 30% of standard weight, not less than 15% of standard weight (standard weight kg= height-110 kg); female: height requirement is above 158 cm, weight is not more than 20% of standard weight, not less than 15% of standard weight.

Visual acuity: right eye naked eye vision is not less than 4.6, left eye naked eye vision is not less than 4.5. After excimer laser surgery, more than half a year, no complications, visual acuity up to standard, qualified. All other inspections must be up to standard.

3. Political Conditions

Students should love the Communist Party of China, love the socialist motherland, love the people's army, abide by the law and discipline, good moral character, determined to resist aggression, defend the motherland and defend the people bravely.

IV. Procedure For Enlistment

1. Online Registration

Interested college students can now visit the national recruitment network ( cn) online registration. After online registration, contact the Department of Armed Forces to check the relevant information and complete the registration process by telephone or mail.

2. Medical Examination Stage

(1) It is proposed to organize eligible students to attend the initial examination in June;

(2) A formal medical examination is proposed for August and a political review is conducted for the students who have passed the examination.

3. Troop Phase

(1) By 1 September, the recruitment process will be completed and a notice of enlistment issued;

(2) After 10 September, recruits into the camp after 10 September.

The specific time of each process above will be notified according to the development and change of epidemic situation.

V. Preferential Policies For Conscription (excerpt)

1. preferential payment: in 2019, our region's preferential payment is 28600 per year, when two years of soldiers into Tibet three times the distribution ,2 times into Xinjiang, other altitude above 3000 meters of plateau areas 1.5 times the distribution.

2. resettlement funds: agricultural and non-agricultural are 26800 yuan, serving 12 years of service, by the resettlement of the local people's government at or above the county level arrangements.

3. college students reward gold :2020 college students enlistment reward standard is about 36666 yuan, undergraduate graduates additional 20%, undergraduate students and college graduates additional 10%,2 times into Tibet ,1.5 times into Xinjiang.

Additional 10%,2 times into Tibet ,1.5 times into Xinjiang.

4. tuition compensation: college students tuition compensation is 8000 yuan per year, after retirement to go to school ,8000 yuan per year remission. There is no compensation for college freshmen, and 8000 yuan per year for college students after discharge, that is ,24000 yuan for college students and 32000 yuan for undergraduate students.

5. old-age insurance: retired troops issued pension and medical insurance about 26000 yuan.

6. troops pay allowance allowance: allowance fee 1000 yuan per month ,2 years 24000 yuan, discharge fee and self-employment allowance about 29000 yuan, total about 53000 yuan.

7. key use of training: undergraduate graduates enlisted for more than one and a half years, after layers of recommendation, assessment and selection, can be listed as the object of promotion; college graduates to participate in the unified organization of the undergraduate level examination admitted, can be listed as the object of promotion.

8. Re-study can be transferred to another major: with the approval of the university, re-study after retirement can be transferred to other majors of the university, and military skill training can be exempted, and credits can be obtained directly.

9. enjoy the promotion discount: college students soldiers retired within 3 years, the total score of the first test plus 10 points, under the same conditions of priority admission, when enlisted for college students (including high-efficiency freshmen), after retirement in the completion of this science within 3 years, the total score of the first test plus 10 points, in the army Rongli second class meritorious service and above, eligible for graduate students can be exempted from the first graduate students. The Ministry of Education has set up a special master's degree enrollment program for "retired college student soldiers ", about 5000 people a year.

Higher vocational (college) students can be enlisted as a graduate internship experience, higher vocational (college) graduates are not admitted to graduate undergraduate course after retirement, Rongli third class meritorious service or above, not to enter ordinary undergraduate course (when enlisted for students, new students, retired after the completion of higher vocational (college) studies, not to enter ordinary undergraduate). Higher vocational (specialized) retired soldiers promoted, the national implementation of a separate plan, admission ratio of more than 30%.

10. Preferential treatment for employment: graduates of higher education may be regarded as fresh graduates of that year within one year of retirement. Those who apply for civil servants or apply for positions in public institutions shall be regarded as working experience at the grass-roots level with active service in the military. Zhejiang province takes out 100 civil service posts every year, Keqiao district takes out 3 career establishment posts every year to recruit retired college students soldiers (before enlistment is a college student, after retirement should complete their studies and obtain the corresponding graduation certificate)

11. A one-time compensation for tuition fees paid by ordinary college graduates who have been recruited directly as non-commissioned officers or who have been recruited into the armed forces or who have been granted State student loans is applied. Direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers who perform well during service and comply with relevant regulations may be selected as active-duty officers.

Direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers after the first rank, by the unit in accordance with the approval authority issued non-commissioned officers to serve orders, and awarded the corresponding rank. Among them, ordinary undergraduate graduates are given the rank of corporal after enlistment, the rank of sergeant after one year of service, and the rank of corporal after enlistment of higher vocational (college) graduates, and the rank of sergeant after two years of service. After direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers, by the county recruitment office in the place where the approval of the enlistment issued a "direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers notice ", their families enjoy military treatment.


1. Increase awareness. All secondary colleges should give full play to the leading role of counselors and class teachers, grasp the dynamics in time, and comprehensively, accurately and timely publicize the recruitment policy and the conditions for conscription registration through the network, WeChat, QQ groups, etc., so as to preach to each student the preferential policies issued by the state for conscription. To organize and carry out "three ones" activities, that is, to carry out a propaganda campaign on conscription policy, to carry out a thematic party group activity in each class, and to send a conscription message to each student.

2. Provide good service. Secondary colleges should establish archives of pre-requisition subjects, accurately master their contact information, strengthen pre-requisition subjects' pre-school education and post-school tracking management, provide good services for pre-requisition subjects, and effectively protect students' legitimate rights and interests after enlisting.The Ministry of Armed Forces (the Ministry of Physical Education and Military Affairs), in coordination with the relevant units, has done a strict job of conducting political trials, making a realistic assessment of the actual performance of the conscripts, their basic personal situation, their main experience, their academic achievements, their rewards and punishments, and the situation of family members and members of major social relations.And graduates who have not gone through the conscription formalities at school but have registered for enlistment at the conscription office of the county (city, district) where they have their registered residence before enrollment and go back to school to go through the formalities again shall promptly coordinate with the relevant departments to go through the formalities.The Educational Administration department and secondary colleges should strengthen their academic guidance to students and inform them to go through the registration procedures in time before leaving the school.The Student Work Department and the secondary colleges should remind the students to collect and submit in time the Registration Form of Applicants for University students, the Application Form of State Student Loan for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees for University Graduates recruited for military Service, and the Application Form of State Student Loan for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees for University Students recruited for Military service.The security Department should timely remind the enlisted graduates to properly handle matters such as archives and household registration.

3. The school has set up a recruitment workstation, which is attached to the Armed Forces Department (Sports And Military Department). If teachers and students have any consultation on pre-recruitment, they can contact the school recruitment workstation directly.

4. Strengthen supervision and management. The university conscription workstation is responsible for guiding the conscription work of secondary colleges under the leadership of the university student conscription leading group, and timely summing up experience, finding problems and making measures. The supervision office and the Audit Department are responsible for inspecting and supervising all aspects of the conscription of students to ensure that they are conscripted in accordance with the law, clean and orderly.