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[Zhijiang International] Petro Kulikov, President of the National Architecture University in Kyiv, Ukraine, visits our college
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On the afternoon of December 16, Professor Petro Kulikov, President of National Architecture University in Kyiv, Ukraine, President of the Council of Presidents of Ukrainian higher Education institutions, Professor Petro Kulikov, winner of the Ukrainian National Science and Technology Award, and Professor Alla Yespenko, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, visited our college. President Li Penlin met with visiting guests, and the head of the Ministry of International Exchange and Cooperation participated in the talks.

Li Penlin warmly welcomed the arrival of the National Architecture University in Kyiv, Ukraine, and made a detailed introduction to the development process, the characteristics of the school, the international exchange and the advantages. Petro Kulikov described the relevant information and educational internationalization programs of the National Architecture University in Kyiv, Ukraine. The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on the exchange of teachers and students, the co-construction of the subject, the academic exchange and the summer school project of foreign students. After the meeting, the two sides signed an inter-school cooperation framework agreement.

It is reported that the National Architecture University in Kyiv, Ukraine was founded in 1930, running a long history. Since its establishment, more than 65000 engineers and architects, including 2000 foreign students from nearly 70 countries, have been trained to have a high reputation and prestige in the industry. The university has 3 research institutes, 2 scientific research complexes and economic research and prediction centers. The university has 6 basic departments and 18 majors that can train bachelor's degree, expert, master's degree and doctor's degree. The school has more than 700 teachers with various senior titles, 111 of whom have doctorates and professor titles, and more than 350 associate doctors and associate professors. they are recommended by the Foreign Regulatory Information Network of the Ministry of Education of China and the key recommended institutions of "Belt and Road Initiative" educational action.