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Focus on precise measures: the college holds the 2020 graduate employment promotion meeting
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In order to do a good job of graduates' employment during the epidemic prevention and control period, on the morning of May 29, the College held the 2020 graduates' employment promotion meeting, and conducted special research and deployment of graduates' employment in 2020. Jiang Shaofei, Dean of the college, attended the meeting and made a speech. Chen Genbao, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting. Heads of relevant functional departments such as academic affairs department, student work department, innovation and entrepreneurship college, scientific research department, finance and audit department, sports and military training department, and heads of secondary colleges and employment counselors attended the meeting. Jiang Shaofei gave full affirmation to the employment measures made in the early stage of the college. He pointed out that in 2020, the employment situation of the college was severe. He asked everyone to analyze the situation, make scientific research and judgment, make precise measures, take the initiative to do a good job in the employment of graduates under the epidemic situation, practically grasp the implementation of various works, and put forward five requirements for the employment work. First, we should attach great importance to and fully understand the situation and requirements. We should fully understand the importance and particularity of this year's employment work and actively respond to the severe challenges brought by the epidemic situation to the employment and entrepreneurship work. Second, we should strengthen our confidence and achieve full employment for graduates. Adhere to the same goal of employment in 2020, make every effort to provide employment services for graduates, and strive to promote more full and high-quality employment for graduates. Only by respecting and approaching the younger generation, learning, understanding and mastering their discourse system, can we educate and guide them more effectively and effectively. Third, we need to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure that we win both hands and hard battles. We should put employment first and give prominence to it. As a university, it is imperative to do a good job in employment and entrepreneurship under the background of epidemic prevention and control normalization. Fourth, we should take multiple measures to improve quality and effectiveness. Make a good set of "combination fist", make full use of all kinds of national, provincial and municipal employment policies, build effective bridges, integrate various resources, provide precise and precise services, and make more active efforts to promote the employment of graduates in 2020. Fifthly, we should strengthen our responsibility and focus on the compaction of tasks and responsibilities. We should make it an urgent political task to do a good job in employment, put it on the important agenda of the second level college team, and practically strengthen organizational leadership and condition guarantee. Chen Genbao read out the college's notice on encouraging 2020 graduates to sign up for employment, apply for postgraduate examination, study abroad and start their own businesses, and made specific arrangements. He asked all departments and secondary colleges to earnestly study and implement the spirit of the president's speech, implement the "first in command" project of employment, so that everyone cares about employment, everyone participates in employment, and everyone attaches importance to employment. We should improve our understanding, plan as a whole, integrate resources, do a good job of education and guidance on the basis of full respect for students, and ensure that employment services are "detailed", information is "accurate", and implementation is "practical". At the same time, the secondary colleges should seize the window period of employment contract, integrate the resources, tap the development potential, face the difficulties and turn the crisis into an opportunity, complete the objectives and tasks of the employment of college students on schedule, and spare no effort to promote the smooth employment and full employment of graduates in 2020. The College of innovation and entrepreneurship reported the progress of the employment of graduates in 2020. The Ministry of sports and military training introduced the policy of joining the army in 2020. The business school, the school of mechanical engineering and the school of foreign languages exchanged specific measures and experience in employment. At present, it is a critical period for graduates to apply for jobs. The college earnestly implements the relevant work requirements of the education department, actively responds to the severe challenges brought by the epidemic situation to the college graduates' employment work, shifts the main position of employment work from offline to online, and makes every effort to do a good job of graduates' employment and entrepreneurship services.