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Vice President Chen Jinyou And His Team Visited The Medical Staff of The School on The Nurses' Day
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In order to celebrate the 109th International Nurses' Day and promote the spirit of Nightingale, the vice President of the College Chen Jinyou went to the college clinic on the morning of May 12 with the relevant departments.

They visited and consoled the medical wokers fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention on campus. He, meanwhile, send them holiday wishes and greetings.

" Thanks for your hard work "; Thank you to all of you "; "Protect yourself and take care of your family"... On behalf of the college, Chen Jinyou fully affirmed the contribution of the medical workers of the college, especially since the outbreak of the epidemic,

in winning the epidemic prevention and protect the campus. He pointed out that during the epidemic, the campus medical staff gave up their families, took care of everyone and made selfless contributions. They played an important role in safeguarding the health of teachers and students, especially in the epidemic prevention and control. He hope that in the following epidemic prevention work, they can continue to play an exemplary role fulfilling their glorious responsibility and sacred mission, and building a solid barrier for the health of teachers and students. Afterwards, Chen and his team presented bouquets to the medical representatives and took photos.

The medical workers said that they would continue to grasp the current epidemic prevention work on campus and actively respond to new situations and new challenges. They would not only live up to the great trust and fulfill the mission but also inherit and develop the spirit of Nightingale. Above all do a good job in protecting the health of teachers and students.