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The College Held Six Times of Double Congress
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Zhijiang college of zhejiang university of technology sixth session of the faculty representatives conference and trade union representatives conference was held on May 29. College leaders Jiang Shaofei, Peng Songbo, Pan Haihan, Chen Jinyou, Chen Genbao, Zhang Yingjie, Cheng Xuanmei and the official representatives of the Council attended the meeting.What‘s morethe meeting was attended by senior professional teachers and middle-level cadres of informal representatives.

Jiang Shaofei, dean of the conference, presented a work report entitled Implementation of the "Three Strategies" Focus on the "Three-in-One" and the Creation of a New Development Situation .The report begins with a review of the major work of the College over the past year. He said that in 2019, the college closely around the development goal of "building a first-class regional applied university", adhere to focus on the concerns of teachers and students, further enhance the ability to develop with party building; adhere to deepen education and teaching reform, talent cultivation quality further improved; adhere to regional collaborative innovation, social services and support capacity further enhanced; adhere to talent priority development, the "quality and quantity" of the faculty steadily improved; adhere to cultural value leading, the "spillover" effect of university culture further highlighted; adhere to co-ordinated promotion, comprehensive security system further improved. For the next stage of the College's work ideas, he stressed that it is necessary to face the opportunities and challenges of the College's development with greater confidence, deepen the reform, bold innovation, courageous practice, implement the "three strategies", focus on the "Three-in-One", continuously plant development advantages and concentrate on promoting the College's undertakings to a new level and create a new situation for the College's development. For the next stage of the college's work, he pointed out that the most stringent requirements of the most practical style, resolutely win the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control offensive battle. Conscientiously implement the requirements of the deployment of superiors, put the safety and health of teachers and students in the first place, vigorously and orderly carry out the work to ensure that all is safe. Second, it is necessary to improve political standing, strengthen thought leadership, and focus on strengthening the Party leadership and Party construction. It insists on giving priority to political construction, making ideological and political work an integral part of education and teaching, building a professional cadre and strengthening cultural construction. Third, we should use the deepening of the eighth round of internal management system reform as an impetus to fully stimulate the vitality of school operation. Optimizing the internal management system, reforming the salary incentive system for teaching staff and promoting democratic management. Fourth, it is necessary to set virtue, trees and people as the foundation and optimize the mechanism of applied talent training. Adhering to the principle of "being the foundation", promoting the "four returns", strengthening first-class undergraduate education, strengthening curriculum construction, deepening the integration of industry and education, continuing to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education, doing a good job in recruitment and employment, and promoting an international education strategy. Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen disciplinary elements and enhance the quality of scientific research and social contribution. The main elements of solid disciplines, strengthen the "ground" scientific research, build a good Shaoxing Industrial Internet Institute, to build a highly qualified teaching team. Sixth, it is necessary to build a harmonious campus and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive security capacity. Improve internal control mechanisms, continuously improve risk foresight and prevention and control of major reforms and important policies, optimize the comprehensive security system, and continue to build a "safe campus", a "green campus" and a "smart campus".

Party Secretary Peng Songbo spoke at the closing ceremony. He said that 2020 is the closing year of the "13th Five-Year Plan", but also the year of medium and long-term development planning.It is a key year for the College to carry out the eighth round of job appointments and deepen the internal system reform. On how to do a good job in the next phase, he made three hopes and requests. The first is to improve the political position, strengthen the responsibility to bear, and comprehensively promote the innovative development of the college's various causes. Especially at the starting point of the new round of deepening reform, it is necessary to correctly understand the relationship between the present and the long term, the whole and the individual, take the development of the college as its own responsibility, closely combine personal development with the development of the college, firm the goal, broaden the vision, enlarge the mind, rationally face the short-term pains that reform may bring, constantly enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency and mission of reform and innovation, and further enhance the consciousness and initiative to do a good job. The second is to adhere to the initial mission, carry forward the spirit of practical work, and strive to write a good reform and development of the College "pen of hard work". To further strengthen the awareness of the overall situation and responsibility, take the initiative, self-pressure, do not evade in the face of contradictions, do not back down in the face of difficulties, improve the overall quality and efficiency, strive to catch up and transcend, exercise themselves in the environment of hard struggle, pioneering and innovation, with professional qualities, excellent business level and nurturing ability, each in his or her own role, forming a joint effort to do a good job of the new round of reform and development of the College, a big article. Third, we should adhere to the rule of law, build a harmonious campus and accelerate the modernization of governance capacity and governance structure. Strengthen the participation of trade unions at source, and actively implement the right to information, participation and supervision enjoyed by the majority of representatives and faculty members in major matters such as reform, construction and development of the College. Continue to deepen the work of the Academy's public affairs, reasonably focus public opinion, effectively gather public wisdom, so that the majority of faculty and staff have a comprehensive understanding of the Academy's situation and development plans.

The General Assembly discussed and considered the report on the work of trade unions and the report on the public affairs of the Academy, and considered and adopted the "Measures for the Establishment and Appointment of Positions in Zhijiang College of Zhejiang Technical University". At the meeting, representatives of business schools, humanities schools, architecture schools, institutional delegations and other representatives made exchange statements. The Head of the Faculty Office, on behalf of the Committee on Proposals for the Sixth Session of the Synod, presented the "Report on the Work of Proposals", in which he explained the status of the processing of proposals for the Sixth Session of the Three Synods and the collection of proposals for the Sixth Session of the Four Synods.

The 2019 Academy Outstanding Teacher (Advanced Worker) was also recognized at the meeting.

The conference called on the faculty of the college to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the party's nineteenth spirit and the previous spirit of all session, comprehensively implement the spirit of National and Provincial Education Conferences, adhere to the "Morality Education ", unify their thoughts and actions, bring wisdom and strength to the development of the College's various undertakings, seize opportunities, be innovative, really grasp practical work, unite and strive for building the College into a first-class regional applied university.