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The donation ceremony of "Building campus security line and sending free love masks" was held in our academy
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On the morning of May 21, the donation ceremony of "building campus security line and sending free and loving masks" was held in our academy. Zhu Haibing, Proprieter of Shaoxing Branch of Zhejiang Daily newspaper, Jiang Shaofei, Dean of the college, Chen Genbao, vice secretary of the Party committee, Lou Jianfei, executive vice president of the Red Cross Society of Keqiao District, Ji Ping, general manager of Zhejiang jimaliangsi new materials Ltd. attended the donation ceremony, the heads of the office of the college, the Ministry of education and work, the Department of campus construction and management, the logistics service center and other departments also attended the ceremony.

Shaoxing Branch of Zhejiang Daily Company, Keqiao Red Cross Society and Zhejiang jimaliangsi New Material Ltd. launched the activity of donating loving masks. Zhejiang jimaliangsi New Material Ltd., a caring enterprise, donated a batch of replacement burlap masks and disposable hemp non-woven protective masks to the students who were supported by our college.

Jiang Shaofei expressed his high respect to the unit that launched this activity and heartfelt thanks to the loving enterprise for their generous donation. He pointed out that according to the deployment of the higher authorities, the college made every effort to build an "iron wall" for epidemic prevention, ensure the life safety and physical and mental health of teachers and students, and resolutely win the battle of prevention and control of COVID-19. The donation of masks will further guarantee the school's epidemic prevention work and make contributions to our strict construction of campus safety and health defense line. He said that the college will always adhere to the original mission of Building Morality and cultivating people, lesson from epidemic prevention, cultivate students' patriotism and sense of responsibility and dedication, and provide more serviceable talents for the society.

Ji Ping said that it is the company's social responsibility and obligation to do something for the society during the development of enterprises. The company will take this charity mask donation as an opportunity to pay attention to the development of the college, the growth of students and contribute to the development of the college through practical actions.

Chen Genbao received the donation materials on behalf of the college, and issued the donation certificate to Jima Liangsi new materials Ltd.