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Special class for prevention and control of universities in Keqiao District came to the college to carry out supervision and verification work after school opens
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On the morning of April 26, Director Ren Hongliang of Keqiao District Education and Sports Bureau led the team, and members of the special prevention and control class of colleges and universities in Keqiao District, such as the district education and Sports Bureau, the public security branch, the Health Bureau, the disease control center, the Market Supervision Bureau, and the Huashe street came to the college to carry out the work of epidemic prevention and control and the work of returning to school for supervision and verification. Jiang Shaofei, Dean of the college; Chen Jinyou, vice president; Chen Genbao, deputy secretary of the Party committee; and relevant persons in charge of the office, academic affairs department, student affairs department, comprehensive support department, security department and logistics service and business development center accompanied the inspection.

At the symposium, Jiang Shaofei expressed his gratitude to Keqiao district for the concern of the work of returning to school at the beginning of the school, and made a comprehensive report on the preparation of the work of returning to school in spring from the aspects of batch arrangement, the work organization structure, the 1 + X work plan, the dynamic data layout of teachers and students, the preparation of epidemic prevention materials, the emergency response and simulation exercise, the work liaison mechanism, etc. Ren Hongliang fully affirmed the preparatory work of epidemic prevention and control and returning to school, and gave guidance on the strengthening organizational framework leadership, the precise self-control, the dynamic layout, the closed campus management, the meal support for teachers and students, and the supervision and management in the actual work of epidemic prevention. The member units of the special prevention and control class of the district colleges and universities have provided professional guidance for the relevant work.

The supervision working group also conducted in-depth understanding and field visit on the infrared temperature measurement equipment of the school gate post, the medical observation points and temporary isolation points in the school, the dining equipment and environment in the canteen, the closed management of the campus, etc.