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The work since the Fourth Party Congress
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Since the Fourth Party Congress, Zhijiang university has fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the national ideological and political work conference of colleges and universities. In accordance with the overall layout of "five in one" and "four comprehensives", Zhijiang university takes root in Keqiao, bases itself on Shaoxing and faces Zhejiang, aims at the major needs of regional economic and social development, takes application-oriented construction as the main line, and comprehensively deepens the reform centering on personnel training, We should pay attention to characteristic development, take key steps towards the goal of first-class regional application-oriented university, and set up a new starting point for the development of various undertakings.

Scientific Research and Social Service

1.academic degree

The approved master's degree points include master of construction engineering, master of Arts and master of business administration.


One key discipline of Shaoxing City was approved, five key discipline construction at the Institute level was launched, and 26 research institutes closely related to discipline development and serving the local government were constructed.


It has undertaken 13 national level projects, 59 provincial and ministerial level projects, 445 projects entrusted by local enterprises and institutions, and more than 100 million yuan of scientific research funds have been received.

Give full play to the advantages of disciplines and provide scientific research and technical support

1.Co building China Textile City pattern copyright data center database and pattern pattern application comparison system with district government passed the acceptance

2.The construction planning team has worked closely with the towns (streets) in Keqiao District, and has completed more than 20 "beautiful countryside" construction planning projects.

3.Clothing design team, tourism planning team, big data service team, textile research service team, Internet of things technology team.

National Social Science Fund Project in 2020

1.Research on the Property Right Protection of the Outsider in Criminal Procedure

2.Xi Jinping's Important Exposition on Youth Values Education

3.Sartre's Theory of Emotion and Its Contemporary Value

Approved by Zhejiang provincial leaders

1.Suggestions on building a world class textile industry cluster and running the world cloth merchants Conference

2.Suggestions on promoting the development of Independent Colleges in Zhejiang Province with high quality

3.Hangzhou should create a new mechanism of "party building leading + Industry Association" to resolve property conflicts

Build a scientific and technological innovation platform and serve the upgrading of economic industry

1.The Innovation Research Institute and Jiangyuan of Zhejiang National University Science and technology park were jointly established with the district government, and were rated as provincial mass innovation space and provincial technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises.

2.actively prepare for the establishment of Shaoxing industrial Internet college and green energy materials joint experimental center, establish gaodun international business school, and continuously improve the college's social service and support ability.

To hold or undertake a series of international and national academic conferences and events with strong professional and wide influence

1.International Industrial Design Forum

2.China patchwork creative design competition

3.Shaoxing social science think tank Forum

4.The first symposium on textile merchants in Shaoxing