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The "3/3" Music Festival, jointly organized by business school, College of Humanities and architecture, ended perfectly.
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Do you know the "3/3" Music Festival?


Three-thirds is a "1" composed of Zhijiang College of Business, Humanities and Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology; three-thirds is a "1" composed of singers, audience and staff behind the scenes; and three-thirds is a whole of three different things.


Come on! The stage has been arranged.

Come on! The lights are ready!

Come on! The audience can't wait!

Let's go into this music feast.



The guests attending this festival are:

Zhu Huanqiao, Secretary of the general Party branch of the Architectural College

Jinze, Secretary of the Youth League Committee

Song Changchang, teacher of the student union of the Youth League Committee of the College of Humanities


Silence and breath

CC hip-hop Club brings us the dynamic dance "my hottest".


The dance of CC hip-hop Club completely exploded the atmosphere of the whole audience.

The music festival also welcomed the first song in applause and screams.

Tonight's first group of guests is on the stage.

They are singer Chen Yi and Fang Zheng.

To bring their style "Overwhelming love".


Love is like tide, and applause is like tide.

What wonderful chemical reactions can Elva Hsiao release from her delicate voice and deep voice?

Singer Bao Hangqin, Yao Wenjie and the song they brought to you, "suddenly remind of you,"  will tell you.


The audience has been immersed in this affectionate payment.

But this is not the only keynote of the 3/3 Music Festival.

And the cheerful English song "Tik tok" brought by Zhang Xintong.


Keep on this cheerful style.

Continue the restless atmosphere.

Singer Kuang Junyu brings you “Coming home”!


That year,

In the movie the dark knight, the clown and Batman fight to the death.

That year,

In the dark knight, JJ Lin and the May summit cooperation.


Singer Fang Zheng and Shen Qicong recreate classics on stage 3/3.

Shh, don't make any noise. The night has come quietly.


The first stage of the performance is coming to an end.

As a serious musical performance.

It may be late for games, but it will never be absent.

Can you play “123 wooden people” ?


Waving your fluorescent stick

This is a fluorescent ocean.

Chai Zhou feng brought us the "leaving the earth's surface".

The whole stadium is high


Fly enough, slow down

Let's watch Yao Ying and Yan Qiulin sing "I tube you".


It's really pleasant to hear.

No enough ? Don't worry.

Yao Wenjie and Liu Gebing offer a song "No".


It seems that those people are all with stories.

Yes, who didn't have a story?

The past is not for remembering, but for commemorating.

Xu Zhenyuan's "Don't think of me."

It seems that we have seen his story.


Next, the star factory brings us a dynamic dance "I'M FOR REAL".


The cosmos seems to be burning.

The midfield game is even more exciting.

Lucky draw, pay attention to sign your little gift.


Maybe you also have a dear girl.

Maybe you also have a cigarette and a bottle of wine.

Maybe you have the luxury of saying "go and go".

As the strength of music school in Zhi Jiang College

Infant Rock Club also came to the music festival.

By "girl" and "I am still young"

They sang the attitude of rock and roll.

I also sang my own attitude.


Maybe you've heard a lot of rap.

Maybe you've heard lots of deep love songs.

But have you ever seen such an affectionate rap?

Kuang Junyu and Guo Yudong will give you a song "Ace friend".


Classics are called classics, because they carry too many common memories.

And we reinterpret the classics in order to remember those happy, painful, regretful memories.

Singer Chen Yi and Yin Yixin sang "later", to remind you of those memories.


The program is coming to an end.

But the song hasn't been heard enough.

A burning “l know you were trouble satisfies” you.

The performance of the singer Zhang Tingting and Xu Qihang brought the atmosphere to a climax again.

This is a perfect ending for the 3/3 Music Festival.


Last and last

In order to save everyone in the double eleven already empty wallet.

The organizer offered a "shopping cart" award for everyone.


Who said that our music festival is coming to an end?

Who says our youth is at rest?

We will never never never stop!

So please sing our hearts out loud.

So please shout out the dream in our heart.

3/3, integrate into one.

Let's go hand in hand.

A song in my heart, a dream in my heart!