Xu Le, a teacher of the college of design, won the 2019 German Red Dot Design Award
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On September 25, the red dot award ceremony of the German Red Dot Design Award, known as the "Oscar" in the field of design, was held in Singapore. The furniture work "square and round" designed by our college of design, Mr. Xu Le's team, stands out from thousands of works from all over the world. It has won the 2019 red dot design award and won the highest podium of the international top design competition. This is the second time that the teachers of our school of design have won this honor.


Xu Le's team started from studying the characteristics of the post-90s, such as: low income, small living space, love online shopping, often moving, and the pursuit of a certain quality of life. They found that they need flexible, multi-purpose, space saving, convenient transportation, simple and fashionable furniture to improve the quality of life. According to the above characteristics, a multi-functional stool was designed. The whole design is made of beech and acrylic. The transparent acrylic stool surface shows the innovative tenon and mortise structure of the interior, bringing a new visual experience. When there are guests coming from a long way home, they can place the front of the stool surface for people to sit and rest; when a person is resting at home, they can turn the stool surface upside down, which is a side table, which can place keys and other easily lost small things. Its connection mode is ingenious with the traditional silver tenon structure, and there is no "metal connector" as a whole, so it can be disassembled by hand and enjoy the fun of thinking and doing by yourself. It is a product that combines structure, aesthetics, wisdom and technology. In particular, the flat packaging design greatly reduces the transportation cost, which is very suitable for online sales mode.


The red dot award, known as the "Oscar in the field of design", is one of the biggest and most influential design competitions in the world. It is also known as the world's three major design awards together with the German "if Award" and the American "Idea Award", with great international influence. The red dot award consists of three categories: Product Award, visual communication award and concept award, among which concept award is the leader of wind direction and trend in the design field every year. This year's red dot design concept award received more than 4218 entries from companies, design studios, colleges and universities and designers from 48 countries. 265 entries were selected by 20 top design experts in the world, with an award rate of only 6%.