Business School "Yellow Ribbon" Assist for love 2019 Keqiao Public Welfare Anti-fraud Tour around the Lake
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On May 18, the "2019 Keqiao Public Anti-fraud Public Tour around the Lake" was held in the Beian Park of Guazhu Lake. The Business School's yellow ribbon volunteers assisted for love, undertook most of the logistics work.

The 55 volunteers were divided into two teams: a working group and a participant group. The 15 volunteers of the working group, as the solid backing of the activity, received unified training the day before the activity, performing their respective duties and being responsible for ensuring the smooth progress of the activity. Volunteers in the check-in office collect disclaimers and issue beneficial CARDS and equipment to citizens who participate in the activity. Volunteers at the supply station are distributing "first aid kits" -- mineral water -- to citizens in time. Volunteers in the designated spots clock in for citizens. Volunteers in the stage area deliver and carry props for the event.

The 40 volunteers in the competition group donated their steps to support the activity and assist for love by completing the 5km-walk. It is reported that the accumulated number of steps will be converted into the corresponding public welfare fund donated to the Red Cross society.

This unforgettable public welfare trip is not only the public welfare trip of the participants but also the public welfare trip of the Yellow Ribbon Volunteers of our Business School. They make contributions to this public welfare trip with their enthusiasm at the beginning, on the road and at the end.

It is reported that the "Keqiao Public Anti-fraud Public Tour around the Lake" sponsored by Shaoxing Public Security Bureau Keqiao District Branch, Keqiao media group (Keqiao Daily) ,and totally named by the merchant of Yangguang City Tanyuan, a total of 500 citizens to participate.