Foreign Language Institute’s Hongxinzhu “Migratory Bird Plan” Practice Team Walk Into the Town to Carry Out Red Teaching Activities
Author: Date:2019-09-11 Hits:

During the summer vacation, the social practice team of "Migrant Bird Plan" formed by the Hongxinzhu’s volunteers association of Foreign Languages Institute came to Qianmei village, Qianqing town, Shaoxing City, and carried out a seven-day red volunteer teaching activity.

During this period, the volunteers used their professional expertise to teach the children English, arts and science subjects, manual labor, art and chess and other interesting courses.

The volunteers also combined red education, environmental protection and safety education with volunteer teaching activities, organized the children to watch patriotic education film video, and reviewed the 70 years of red history of the motherland with the children.

After the activity, Zhejiang News Client to the plan of "Migratory Birds" news hits broke through 330000, the report on Handheld Shaoxing app coverage within a few minutes the program "Migratory Birds" thumb up number above 700. Summer social practice team of "Migrant Bird Plan" won the title of College Students’ Summer Social Practice Outstanding Practice Team in Keqiao Community.

It is reported that Qianqing Town and Foreign Language Institute have carried out the summer social practice cooperation projects for three years, which is an important measure to further strengthen the cooperation between Foreign Language Institute and Qianqing Town.