"Youth army" football club of our college was approved as the first batch of provincial campus football club of colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province
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According to the notice on the issuance of the 13th Five-year Plan for major construction projects in Zhejiang issued by the General Office of the Zhejiang People's government, the Education Department of Zhejiang Province issued the notice on the selection of provincial campus football clubs in colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province issued by the Office of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province in January 2020. On May 18, based on the self-declaration of various university clubs, school review and recommendation, and expert review, the provincial first batch of 31 university campus football clubs (including 21 undergraduate students) was determined, and the "youth army" club of our college won the honor.

Our faculty always attaches great importance to the campus sports and physical health of students and takes " character education, quality education and health first" as a guiding ideology of college sports development work. So we put an emphasis on the physical education teaching in development planning, pay attention to the development of campus football, actively cultivate the campus football culture, arouse the enthusiasm of students to participate in football and give full play to the educational function of campus football culture.

Under the leadership of the sports committee, a working mechanism was formed in which the director of the sports military discipline department was responsible for the specific implementation of football special teachers with cooperation of the school work department and the youth league committee. The Football Association of Zhijiang College was established, and the football teacher was appointed as the general director of the football association and the football special teacher guided the club. It has formulated the relevant rules and regulations of the college football association, rules and regulations of training and competition, sports safety measures and guarantees, which provide a good guarantee for the college to carry out campus football.

The college set up Zhijiang Football Association in 2013, with 6 clubs under it. Among them, the "youth army" football club has nearly 50 players in all grades, with systematic, scientific and reasonable training plans and management measures, as well as basic safety, medical plans and teams. The team conducts training every week under the guidance of special football teachers. The team members are highly motivated and effective in the training. They have achieved excellent in the League of Zhijiang Football Club. Many of them joined in the football club in our college and represented our college to take part in Zhejiang football match.